"Invest in things no one can take from you. Your knowledge, your charecter, and your
mind-set are your biggest assets. "

I designed this self-paced course like a virtual apprenticeship where you'll learn through my shared knowledge and experiences to get your brand launch ready.

You’ll learn practical skills useful exercises like brand mapping, customer profiling and rapid prototyping.

Once you are equipped with the knowledge to create a solid brand and product, we will begin on the practicalities of getting you ready for launch, such as website building, logistics and finance.

Along the way, you’ll have the chance to form a unique and solid brand proposition so you will be identify where you will fit in the market. You will then learn about how to source and manufacture your products, both locally and internationally.

You will end the course knowing everything you need to know to be ready to go live with your brand and begin your journey to success.

I have teamed up with my personal finance director to create a series of formulated excel sheets to help with the numbers sides of things which will be available to download and keep as part of the course.

You will also have access to a range of free resources to give you all the support and guidance that you need.

Who is this

course for?

Whether you’re starting completly from scratch, or already have a brand and are looking for some guidance to find your feet, this course will empower you to create the life you dream of.

Having your own business gives you the autonomy and flexibility to create fulfilling, financially independent life

I want to launch a product based business


I have recently launched a product based business


I want to improve my product based business


Included in the course

1:1 Feedback (FIRST 50 SIGN UPS)

For our first 50 students the course will include a 45 minute 1:1 with Isabelle to gain direct advice and guidance on your idea or existing brand. This opportunity for mentorship is an excellent way to receive feedback


Whatsapp Community channel

New business friends! As you level up, you'll be added to new channels. This is where you’ll get to connect with fellow students and once you have completed the course, we will have a channel for alumni to support one another as move on through their journey. We want to create a place for our students to share any ideas or problems they are facing and would like honest feedback or advice from their new community. This is where students can ideate, collaborate, and ask questions.


Self-Paced, Forever Access

You get this course forever, like forever-ever. That means access to any future updates because the world of business (especially marketing) is always changing. Enjoy the flexibility to start & stop this course based on your life and goals.




From brand map to customer profile templates, students get full access to our inhouse desogned templates in order to complete suggested exercises throughout the course.


Resource Library

Even more templates, mini tutorials, and inspiration sources. Students get access to a jam packed resource library with all our go to resources and bookmarks. Even better, we add onto this all the time.


Course Starts

April 2nd

enrol before March 31st to take advantage of this introductory price.

How does enrollment work in a self-paced course? On the class start date, you'll receive all your onboarding info and log ins to the course. You will then be able to start whenever you are ready.