CURVE 6 pieces for £10 each with FREE Gift Wrapping

    CURVE 6 pieces for £10 each with FREE Gift Wrapping

    Please choose your ring size
    SMALL - UK R.5 / US 9
    MEDIUM- UK T.5 / US 10
    LARGE - UK V.5 / US 11
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      Receive 6 pieces of jewellery for just £10 each and a FREE Gift Wrapping (in this bundle you will receive 6 products and an Image Gang gift bag and gift box). Each piece you receive will be suitable for CURVE sizing. 

      If you would like your box to be personalised, please fill out the options below and we will use this info to tailor the box just for you! If you do not have any preference you can leave the options blank.

      Each box will contain a  mix of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets from our main lines and unreleased samples. The pictures used are to illustrate the kind of products you can expect.

      Please note these boxes are classed as personalised so all sales are final.